Words on the Page June 27, 2017

Literacy Chicago Presents:

Words on the Page

An annual celebration of adults learning to read and/or speak English.

Stay tuned for for more info on this event in 2018.

For the past 25 years, Words on the Page has celebrated adults actively pursuing higher levels of literacy. Literacy Chicago’s Words on the Page is an annual event where adult learners read their own writing before friends, family and fellow students. By doing so, they demonstrate their educational achievements and more importantly, take pride in their courageous efforts to openly address problems with literacy in their individual lives and the wider community. Literacy Chicago publishes a book of compilation of the essays written by current adult learners, and it stands as a testament to their hard work and to the need for literacy services in Chicago.

For this year’s book, students were asked to write an essay within the theme of Writing for a Purpose. Many took the opportunity to express a variety of very personal and intimate emotions to a wide range of addressees. The pages are filled with fascinating expressions and stories of gratitude, pride, sadness and, most importantly, hope. In this book you will witness the magic of learning and the impact it can have on the lives of diverse individuals.

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